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Want to read on the go? Sick of heavy textbooks? Wish that there was a better way to study? Texidium is here to make your life easier! Access your digital textbooks on any device, anywhere, at any time. Study your way.

Search anything

Sort and search through your books in a snap with a built-in library, chapter, and page navigation.

Notes made easy

Mark up pages, tag your notes, and even colour-code points as you read for easy reviewing later.

What can Texidium do?

important sections

Colour-code key quotes, definitions, data, and more.


Save and sort through important parts of your books in a snap.

View your
reading history

Forget where you left off in class or at home? History has your back.

your notes

Easily share notes with your friends and professors.

“Texidium removed all the challenges I had with physical textbooks. I don’t need to worry about forgetting my books at home or carrying a heavy backpack to each class, and I have access to my course materials on almost any device.”

Richard Guy – Computer Engineering Technology – Computing Science, Algonquin College


Online / Offline

Access your books anywhere, anytime. Just download your books from the cloud and have them wherever you go.

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You can print sections of your eTextbooks from the Windows and Mac app by clicking on the printer icon.

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eTextbooks support a variety of accessibility features, including but not limited to text-to-speech, larger font sizes, and supporting material.

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Access from anywhere

Use Texidium whenever and wherever you need to with online and offline access. Your offline work syncs back to all your devices when you go back online. Awesome right?

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