Publisher Asset Library

document-iconsA web-based collaborative catalogue of resources containing accurate national and custom asset information which is shared between Publishers and Colleges and Universities. This is made possible through a connection with an Online Information Exchange (ONIX) from Publishers.

This web-based repository of publisher’s eText information streamlines the faculty’s selection process, by providing access to eText information, pricing and other important aspects. The Publisher Asset Library has the ability to add local resources or product catalogs from smaller publishers for greater utility and cohesiveness. It easily integrates into the eText Adoption System.

  • A web-based repository of all publishers’ resources (print and digital) available to higher education
  • Based on Online Information Exchange (ONIX) 2.0 and 3.0 standard with extensive metadata on each resource including title, author, text description, table of contents, ISBN, and suggested retail price
  • Easily integrated with the eText Adoption System
  • Administrator panel to add local resources or product catalogs from smaller publishers

eText Adoption System

An innovative eText adoption system that allows faculty to easily select the resources they need from the asset library and facilitates administration of the text adoption process.

All resources are categorized in a hierarchal format according to each institutions faculty structure. This allows all eText adoption to be organized within the existing organizational format, making research, browsing and selection simple.

Texidium simplifies the faculty’s adoption of eTexts with an online platform that allows them to research and select available resources, or view the total library content of publishers. Faculty members are then able to select their resources both in print and digital format, from the Publisher Asset Library. The system also streamlines the approval, ordering and administration of the text selection process.

  • A web-based dashboard with multi-user level access to adopt texts and other course related resources
  • Direct connection to Publisher Asset Library
  • Enables direct faculty to publisher communication and resource requests
  • Program level view and report generation for all resource adoptions
  • Enables administrator oversight and final adoption approvals

Digital Resource Portal

Texidium leverages Kivuto’s industry-leading platform to provide the digital resource delivery component of this solution. This platform has received the Readers’ Choice Top Product award in 2014 and 2015 from University Business. This award honours resources that have made a positive impact on students and campuses.

With access to the platform, institutions receive a school-branded digital resource portal to display the available eTexts and resources made available through the eText adoption system. This portal integrates into the organization’s authentication system allowing students to access a personalized shopping experience. Students will connect to an eReader that will allow eText to be viewed from multiple publishers on any device, anytime, anywhere. It can also take care of add/drops and student opt-outs.

The portal can serve as an institution’s one-stop shop for any required software, hardware, printed and online eTexts resources, thanks to support of user verification, e-commerce, secure distribution, reporting, account management and more in a cloud-based environment.

User Verification

  • Supports multiple user verification methods  that allow students to quickly sign in using their institutional/organizational ID (i.e. support for Integrated User Verification (IUV) or Shibboleth or Single Sign-on)
  • LDAP/AD integration passes username, academic status, groups and departments
  • Simple integration via API, documentation  and sample code
  • Member of the InCommon Federation and the Canadian Access Federation (CAF)

Policy Compliance Options

  • Restrict cross-eligibility
  • Restrict downloads/distribution
  • Display and/or require signature to custom  acceptance forms or End-user License Agreements
  • Manage add/drops and student opt-outs

Effortless Electronic Software Delivery

  • Secure key distribution and inventory management
  • Download options with secure controls for quantity  and bandwidth
  • Multiple secure hosting options
  • Global download server pool
  • Secure Download Manager (SDM) supports both Windows and Mac Operating Systems

Flexible Financial Settlements

  • Automated payment collection
  • Multiple payment types, including departmental account codes, billing codes and purchase orders
  • Credit card and Payment card payments supported
  • Global tax compliance
  • Multi-currency support


  • Comprehensive reporting system with centralized and localized auditing capabilities
  • Financial reporting, user reports, distribution reports and more
  • Real-time, on-demand reports available

Customer Care

  • Dedicated account management
  • Localized web store with online help content
  • Technical support in multiple languages

eText Delivery

  • Multiple secure hosting options
  • Global download server pool

eReader Platform

computersOur cloud-based eReader was designed with the student learning experience in mind, addressing high standards of accessibility and available on all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac and Web).

Equipped with device syncing, highlighting, note-taking, bookmarking and sharing functionality, the eReader provides a seamless user experience on and offline that will foster collaboration and improve communication between students, trainees, and educators.

  • Works with the most current ePub standards to support interactive eText formats
  • Highlighting, bookmarking and note taking capabilities
  • Highlights/notes, bookmarks and last reading position  sync across devices
  • Transfer highlights, bookmarks and notes to newer  (updated) eText versions
  • Search easily across all chapters in a book
  • Show/hide highlights
  • Tag notes for better organization
  • Open multiple books simultaneously
  • Copy & paste with attribution
  • Video & audio playback within eReader
  • Open URLs found in content inside eReader (built-in browser)
  • Browser URL history
  • Print from eReader
  • Quick chapter navigation
  • Fast navigation to pages
  • Multiple reading modes
  • Multiple reading views/modes
  • Works offline
  • Cloud access to eTexts (download eTexts in background)
  • Book opens to last page / section read by user.  Synced across devices.
  • Sort and organize library
  • Digital Rights Management (AES-128 encryption,  perpetual or time-limited licenses)
  • eReader web version is fully responsive and includes  online help
  • All other applications have offline help/guides built-in.
  • eReader apps available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android