All Clients Version 2.0

  • August 25, 2017
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Version 2.0 of Texidium includes new features and improvements that enhance functionality and the user experience.

A new interface in Windows and online

  • The Windows and online readers have been redesigned from the ground up to improve the user experience.
  • The streamlined interface makes features and options easier to find.
  • Wider margins make it easier to access menus while reading.

A new look and feel across all platforms

  • Icons and colouring have been updated for a sleeker look to all of our apps.

Streamlined registration and acquisition

  • It’s easier than ever to create an account and get books with Texidium.
  • No more copying and pasting verification codes to register – just click the link emailed to you to get started.
  • Users who get books through an LMS (e.g. Moodle, Blackboard, Canvas, D2L) can now do so with a single click and read them online without registering for Texidium.

More functional notes

  • Notes in our online reader now show up in the margins of your book as you read, so there’s no need to click on your highlights to see them.
  • Teachers can now use our online reader to embed links in shared notes. Point your students to supplementary information, online quizzes and other interactive content while they study.

Enhanced text-to-speech on iPhones and iPads

  • Our iOS app now leverages Apple’s built-in VoiceOver feature to make listening to your books easier and more effective than ever.

A better reading experience for Math students

  • Support for eTexts with mathematical content has been improved in all of our apps.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact