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For certain institutions it may make sense to consider a licensing model of the Texidium platform – contact us so we can explore your needs.

The Texidium platform includes the Adoption System, the Digital Resource Portal and the eReader which provides an institution with adoption, distribution, and eReader with device syncing, highlighting, note-taking, bookmarking and sharing functionalities. With its easy to use interface and built-in accessibility features, the eReader provides a seamless user experience for everyone.  It can be used anywhere at any time using apps on iOS, Android, Windows, OSX and the web.

A complete solution

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Adoption System

An adoption platform with textbook research capabilities to help simplify the decision process for faculty and decision makers.

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Digital Resource Portal

Leveraging Kivuto’s world leading electronic license management system to provide a secure and efficient resource deployment solution.

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A cloud-based eReader available on all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and web) that addresses accessibility compliance and adheres to best practices in responsive design.

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eReader Features

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important sections

Users can color-code key quotes, definitions, data, and more.

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Ability to save and sort through important content.

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reading history

Users can go back to where they left off in their eTexts.

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Users can share notes with their classmates and professors.

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If you would like to learn more about our white label solution or are interested in working with us please email texidium@kivuto.com.