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Texidium simplifies and accelerates the delivery of personalized digital course material (eTexts, software, and other course materials) to each student while keeping costs low for organizations, students, and content owners.

Our modular platform is flexible enough to accommodate a variety of requirements and needs, including the easy transition to an institutional purchase model. The Texidium solution includes four main components: the Publisher Asset Library, eText Adoption System, a Digital Resource Portal, and an eReader Platform.

Built for easy adoption

Publisher Asset Library

A repository of publishers’ eText resources and information, including textbook metadata and pricing information.

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eText Adoption System

An eText adoption platform with textbook research capabilities to help simplify the decision process for faculty and decision makers.

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Digital Resource Portal

Texidium leverages Kivuto’s world leading electronic license management system to provide a secure and efficient digital resource deployment (DRP) solution.

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eReader Platform

A cloud-based eReader available on all popular platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and online) that addresses accessibility compliance and adheres to best practices in responsive design.

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Better access, better results

According to Algonquin College, one of the largest adopters of eTexts and digital resources in North America, when 100% of the students have access to their course materials on day one, there is an improvement in student success and retention.

Access from anywhere

Use Texidium whenever and where you need with online and offline access. Your offline work syncs back to all your devices when you go back online. Awesome right?

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What's new in version 1.7


Share links directly to specific pages of a book with other Texidium users.

Improved rendering of mathematics

Mathematical formula display and print more clearly.

Accessibility enhancements

Texidium now supports Jaws and NVDA screen-reader software for visually impaired users.


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