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Yes, it is possible to generate a link to a specific page of a specific eText. This link can then be shared with other Texidium users or embed it in a hyperlink, just like a website URL.

To share a link to a page:

  1. Sign in to Texidium’s online eReader.
  2. Open a book and navigate to the page you wish to share a link to.
  3. Click the Link icon adjacent to the page number field at the bottom of the screen. It looks like two joined links of a chain.
  4. Click the Copy button in the window that pops up. The URL of the page you are on is copied to your device’s clipboard.
  5. Share the link you copied with other Texidium users by pasting it into an email or messaging app. This link will direct users to the page of the eText you wished to share.


  • Page links can only be generated and accessed through Texidium’s online eReader. This feature is not currently available in any of the Texidium mobile or desktop apps.
  • Links to pages are only accessible to Texidium users who have access to the book the page was shared from.
  • Page links can only be generated for eTexts that include pagination information. If the page number field reads “N/A” while you are reading an eText, then page links cannot be generated for that eText.
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