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Overview: Texidium Online

This Cheat Sheet is for users of the Texidium’s online eReader. See the bottom of the page for a downloadable reference document of the features of the Texidium Online app.

Organizing Your Library

The following table describes how to sort and filter your eText library from your home page in Texidium Online.

Action Icon
View as tiles Tile Icon
View as list List Icon
View book information   +  Get Book Info
Delete a book eTexts cannot be deleted through Texidium Online once downloaded. They remain tied to your account and accessible through Texidium Online. Books can only be deleted from Texidium apps.
Sort and filter library Mac Order Dropdown Menu with Recent Selected  or  

Reading a Book

The following table lists basic tasks performed while reading an eText in Texidium Online.

Note: Some features listed in this section are only available when reading eTexts or a certain file type (EPUB or PDF). The applicable format is identified when this is the case. Click the  icon on an eText in your Library and then click Get Book Info to determine its file type.

Action Icon / Instructions
Turn the page In scolling view (default): Scroll up/down
In side-scrolling view: Forward/back key
Go to page
(type page # in field)
Move forward/back one chapter Arrow Symbol or Arrow Symbol
View your navigation history History Icon
Access the table of contents Table of Contents Icon
Search book Search Icon
Print Print Icon

Note: Some books do not allow printing through the online Reader. It is recommended that you print using the Windows or Mac Reader (available at:  https://reader.texidium.com/dist/#/apps).

Copy text
  1. Click and drag your cursor across the text you wish to copy
  2. Click Copy Icon
  3. Use your device’s Copy command to copy the text in the pop-up windows to your clipboard

Note: There is a limit to how many words can be copied from an eText. This limit varies by eText and is set by the publisher.

Change navigation/display style
(Page-flip / Scroll)
Book with Gear Icon + Select navigation style
Change text size
or zoom in/out
Book with Gear Icon +   or 

Using Notes and Bookmarks

The following table describes how to use notes, bookmarks and highlighting to get the most out of your study sessions with Texidium.

Action Icon / Instructions
Bookmark the current page Bookmark Icon
Browse bookmarks Browse Bookmarks Icon
Show, hide or filter highlights Browse Notes (File with Pen) IconGear Symbol + Toggle category visibility on/off
Highlight text / Add note
  1. Click and drag your cursor across the text to which your note applies
  2. Select a highlight category from the dropdown list
  3. Click Highlighter Icon to highlight the text
  4. Click Note Icon to place a note
  5. Type your note in the text field that pops up
  6. Click Done
Browse notes Browse Notes (File with Pen) Icon
Customize highlight categories
  1. In the Options menu of your Texidium Library, click Highlights and Sharing
  2. Click the arrow beside the category you wish to customize, and then click Edit
  3. Change the category name or colour as desired
  4. Click Save
Add a highlight category
  1. In the Options menu of your Texidium Library, click Highlights and Sharing
  2. Click Add Category
  3. Assign a name and colour to the category
  4. Click Save
Share a highlight category
  1. In the Options menu of your Texidium Library, click Highlight and Sharing
  2. Click the arrow beside a category name, and then click Share
  3. Distribute the subscription code that is generated to anyone with whom you wish to share the category – these users can then use that code to subscribe to your shared category as described below
Subscribe to a shared highlight category
  1. In the Options menu of your Texidium Library, click Highlights and Sharing
  2. Click Add Subscription
  3. Enter the subscription code the sharer gave you
  4. Click Subscribe

Managing Your Account

The following table describes tasks in managing your Texidium account and profile settings.

Action Instructions
View your Profile Profile Menu Dropdown
Change your email address In your Profile: Change Email Button
Change your password In your Profile: Change Password Button
Remove a synced device In your Profile:
Under “Devices”, click Delete Icon next to the device you wish to remove.

Getting Texidium Apps

The following table describes how to download Texidium apps.

Action Instructions
Download Texidium desktop apps
(Available for Windows and Mac)
Go to https://reader.texidium.com/dist/#/apps, and click the Download button next to the app you wish to download.
Download Texidium mobile apps
(Available for iOS and Android)
For iOS: Search for “Texidium” on the App Store.
For Android: Search for “Texidium” on Google Play.

Download Overview

Texidium Online Overview

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