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How do I print from an eText?

To print content from an eText:

  1. Open the book from which you wish to print using the Texidium app for Windows or Mac.

Note: Printing is not supported on mobile, and some books do not allow printing through the online Reader. It is recommended that you print through the Windows or Mac Reader (available at: https://reader.texidium.com/dist/#/apps).

  1. Navigate to the section of the book from which you wish to print using the Table of Contents.
  2. Click the Print icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
  3. Specify the page range and number of copies you wish to print, and adjust printer settings as needed.
  4. Click Print to begin printing.

Important Notes:

  • Some eTexts do not allow printing. Others impose a limit on the number of pages that can be printed or restrict printing to the Windows and Mac Readers. These restrictions are set by the publisher and vary by eText.
  • The option to print a specific page number or page range is not available in all eTexts.
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