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I got an error message when I tried to download an eText to my device. Why?

Your Texidium account can only be used on a limited number of different devices. If you get a message indicating that you’ve reached this limit, you will need to remove a device from your account before you can use the Texidium app on another device.

To remove a device from your Texidium account:

  1. Sign in to your Texidium account at: reader.texidium.com.
  2. In the Options menu, click Profile. You will see a list of devices your account has been used on at the bottom of the page that opens.
  3. Click the trashcan icon next to the device you wish to remove from your account. Try to pick the device you use the least.

Removing a device will allow you to start using the Texidium app on one new computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you ever want to use Texidium on the device you removed again, you will need to remove another device first and re-download any books previously installed on the device.  Don’t worry – there is no limit to the number of times you can download books to your devices, and your synced notes, bookmarks and highlights will all be preserved.

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